Why Porcelain Enameled Steel?


The Porcelain Standard is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of porcelain enameled signs.  We manufacture a versatile product for a variety of applications; from industrial & safety signs, point of purchase & nostalgic advertising signs.

Our product is unique. Porcelain enamel's brilliant colors, flint-hard finish & incredible resistance to weather & fading make it perfect for harsh environments and long-lasting advertising.  In fact, during the early 1900's porcelain became the premier means to promote a new product or service. Porcelain enamel advertising became so prevalent that many merchants used porcelain signs.

Whether you're a marketing guru looking for a rich, retro media to promote your new product or an electric utility engineer looking for permanent signage to never-again be replaced, The Porcelain Standard has the answer.

For incredible quality & longevity

Porcelain is the Standard!

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Would you ever describe your brew’s taste as flimsy?

Then why present your brand on anything less than impressive heavy gauge porcelain on steel. Cardboard, plastic or tin will never measure up to the enduring quality and unparalleled taste of your brew. Porcelain is the answer!

Every structure is a testament to your reputation. By adding a peak sign to your buildings, you will be advertising your business for as long as the building is standing.

Advertise your buildings and get more referrals!


The Porcelain Standard of Signs

The Porcelain Standard

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