Would you ever describe your brew’s taste as flimsy?


Then why present your brand on anything less than impressive heavy gauge porcelain on steel. Cardboard, plastic or tin will never measure up to the enduring quality and unparalleled taste of your brew.


Promote your brand with Porcelain Point Of Purchase Signs.

Collector quality, porcelain enameled steel signs are a unique way to promote your craft brews. Porcelain enamel's brilliant colors, flint-hard finish & incredible durability make it perfect for long-lasting advertising. Establishments will proudly and prominently mount your craft brew logos as premium wall décor. Porcelain signs will build recognition and drive demand for your beers for years to come. Whether you're a nostalgia buff and appreciate the quality or you are a marketing guru just looking for a rich, vibrant media to promote your new product, The Porcelain Standard is the answer.


For incredible quality & unparalleled good taste, Porcelain is the Standard!

 Give us a call to discuss your ideas and artwork. Intrigued but not completely familiar with porcelain enameled steel signs, we can get a sample in your hands. (Then you’ll understand!)


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The Porcelain Standard

9115 Freeway Drive, Macedonia Ohio 44056