Large sheets of special enameling steel are sent from the mill to our factory. We begin fabrication by sheering the large sheets into individual signs. Intricate shapes can be formed using stamping dies or laser-cutting techniques. The steel then goes through a series of cleaning baths to prepare for coating. The first "ground coat" is applied and run through our furnace at 1470°F. This application is specially formulated to bond the porcelain to the steel. The steel is then given a second coating, a white "cover coat", and again run on a conveyor through our furnace. After cooling, these plates are ready for the application of artwork.​

Porcelain enamel has many excellent properties. It is smooth, hard, chemically resistant, durable, long lasting, brilliantly colored and cannot burn. Porcelain creates an ideal surface for the adhesion of unique and durable images. The enameled shell is flint hard but maintains a finish as smooth as glass. Porcelain is created by the fusion of mineral components using intense heat. This creation will never change its texture or chemical content merely due to wear. Because of this, art images or designs can be screen-printed on the enameled steel and hardened, creating a finished product that resists fading or loss of luster. In fact, the enameled signs are just as brilliant and lustrous in the - 40° below weather of Alaska as it is in the sun-baked and salt-laden air of the Gulf Coast.

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The Porcelain Standard

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