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Getting Started:


Material and Fabrication
  • We use 20 gauge enameling steel (18 gauge and 24 gauge available upon special request)

  • Most signs are 1-2 square feet; the maximum size is 32” x 30”

  • Signs are sheared, punched, and die cut. Water jet cutting can be used for custom shapes

  • Standard mounting holes are ¼” diameter finished with 3/16” I.D. eyelets

  • A minimum of one hanging hole is required in the sign to run through our furnace

  • Minimum of 100 pieces, subject to an initial order of $5,000. Contact us for any questions or requests.



Silk Screened Porcelain Pastes

Unlike most paints, porcelain enamel color pastes are composed of inorganic minerals (capable of withstanding the intense heat). This is what gives porcelain signs their incredible durability. The colors are applied to the sign using the silk-screening process. Each individual color requires its own screening. A 3 color sign requires 3 screenings. Each time a color is screened, the enamel must dry before the next color is applied. When all the colors are applied, the sign is run through our furnace for a final firing. The final product is glossy, vibrant, and incredibly durable.



The porcelain sign blank is white, which is not typically considered a color in sign pricing. We offer a variety of colors from which to select. Sample colors are available upon request.


Artwork Requirements

Electronic art files must be provided in a vector art format such as “.ai”, “.eps”, or vector PDF files.

Raster files such as “.tif” and “.jpeg” files cannot be accepted.


We will send out your electronic artwork files so that the “film” can be created. This opaque black image on a transparent plastic material creates silkscreens. The film will incorporate the appropriate sequence of color applications with the proper “trapping” or overlapping of colors.

We recommend contacting your marketing/graphic design professional to create your artwork. We can, however, help facilitate simpler requests, such as reproducing your existing logo on a porcelain sign.

Getting Started

Give us a call to discuss your project. Be prepared to email a representation of the artwork or design that you have in mind. Even if you’re starting, we can probably help you decide on a direction or next step. 

Are you unfamiliar with porcelain signs? We can also give you a porcelain sample, and then you’ll appreciate the quality and uniqueness of porcelain enameled steel signs.

330-468-0080  ext: 202

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