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Our industrial signs are made of enduring PORCELAIN ENAMELED STEEL. This material will last indefinitely without fading, rusting, or peeling. A Porcelain Enameled Sign can be cleaned with the strongest of solvents to remove grease or spray paint. Porcelain Enamel is substantially vitreous or glassy inorganic coating bonded to metal by fusion at a temperature above 800°F. The enamels we use on our signs are bonded at 1450°F in a gas conveyor furnace.

Porcelain Enamel is not a clear material covering the sign's surface – the color is the porcelain itself! The lettering is also porcelain enamel fused into the background color. The Porcelain Enamel sign face and back form a complete ceramic envelope around the steel plate.

Used in:

  • Industrial Environments

  • Caution Signs

  • Danger signs

  • Fire Safety Signs

  • Notice Signs

  • Sprinkler Signs

  • Emergency Signs

  • Nameplates

  • Municipal Signs

  • Exit Signs

  • Directional Signs

  • Traffic Signs

  • Cross Walk Signs

  • Outdoor Signs

Warning Signs
Sprinkler Signs
Danger Signs
Safety Signs
Utility Signs
Fire Safety Signs

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