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Why Porcelain Enameled Steel?

The Porcelain Standard is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of porcelain enameled signs.  We manufacture a versatile product for a variety of applications; from industrial & safety signs to point of purchase & nostalgic advertising sign reproductions.

Our product is quite unique. Porcelain enamel's brilliant colors, flint hard finish & incredible resistance to weather & fading make it perfect for harsh environments and long-lasting advertising.  In fact, during the early 1900s porcelain became the premier means to promote a new product or service. Porcelain enamel advertising had become so prevalent that few merchants could be found that weren't displaying some.

Whether you're a marketing guru looking for a rich, retro media to promote your new product or an electric utility engineer looking for permanent signage to never-again be replaced, The Porcelain Standard has the answer.

For incredible quality & longevity, Porcelain is the Standard!

Porcelain is the toughest.

  • Tough in extreme environments

  • High Temperatures

  • Caustic Environment

  • Moisture Resistant

  • Weather Resistant

  • Easy to remove graffiti and grease

  • Vibrant, glossy, durable

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Tough in extreme environments

  • No need to replace signs

  • Custom sizing up to 30” x 30"

  • Deal direct with our factory

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