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Porcelain guarantees referrals for OVER 30 years!

Most painted metal or plastic signs are probably less expensive, but their expected life is only 3-5 years. In extreme UV exposure, they may fade to a white blank within a year.

Every structure is a testament to your reputation. Adding a peak sign to your buildings will advertise your business for as long as the building stands. Peak signs make for great referrals and are the most cost-effective way to increase sales.

Get referrals NOW!

We believe that your name should last as long as your buildings. Decals and stickers don't last, and plastic fades. Our product is unique. Porcelain enamel's brilliant colors, hard finish, and incredible resistance to weather and fading make it perfect for harsh environments and long-lasting outdoor advertising. Porcelain signs can last over 30 years and still look new! 

For more information about our long-lasting peak signs and to ensure that your installations generate the referrals that they should, call us and get a quote!

Graffiti removal with pressure washers won't even phase our signs!

Check out our ad in Metal Construction News.

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